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Who are Pherform?

Pherform are a Hong Kong class-based studio focusing on resistance training for women only . We have an incredible community and building a cult-like following, based on the results women are seeing and the focus of the group on relationship-building over “gimmeky” sales.

We have (literally) broken the books about “what’s possible” with female strength development and body composition improvement – as part of our signature training system known as FST. Amongst our member base we now have 6 Hong Kong National Powerlifting Champions!

Pherform Daily Content Hub

Pherform launch our new content hub pherformdaily.com. We aim to provide women a diverse range of voices from experts in their field. We want to avoid the “guru-worship” we have seen elsewhere in this space, and instead offer a panel of content contributors who have different philosophies/strategies/insights. Our “dream team” of contributors is intended to break stereotypes, offer various ideas, and cultivate an online community built on a foundation of respect, diversity and positivity.

…… for women, by women.